Sunday, October 9, 2011

Washing my cares away!

 So, why not have a cute little laundry room!  We put up bead board, and hooks, and painted.  Then I added a chandelier from another part of the house.  B got cabinets, and we just fixed this right up!

I guess he figured I better enjoy the laundry!  I had added little shades on the chandelier since this! 

My little French dining room, just about done!

So its SOOO close to being done.  I have 1 pillow to make, a cabinet that needs to be finished, placemats, and then to find a vintage cart!  But its so close I had to share!  I found this lovely bench recently at a consignment and antique shop.  Love this place down the street from me.  I haven't changed out the fixture, not sure yet what I am going to do.  The tray on the wall was a find at a flea market in NC, when it was right down the street from me! 

  1. And what is so fun, is that I made the curtains myself, painted the chairs, changed out the upholstering, painted the base of the table and had the top stained, and hung all the plates.  I also found the candlesticks as I went, and the runner is a wedding gift from a dear friend and bridesmaid.  We had the rug, which worked out nicely to bring the gray blue from the living room into the dining room.