Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brooches...oh the possibilities

I can't even tell you what my head is doing right now, the creative juices are flowing!  I hope you have enjoyed looking and ooing and awwing!  Its beautiful, things you can keep as keepsakes, and are so unique!  

Remember this post....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pallet wood

My new obsession is with wood from pallets!  I know sounds strange, but it is solid wood, usually free or very cheap, something people throw out and forget about, already aged and has a patina, what more could you want!  Its knotty usually, and has alot of character.  Its light and natural looking, can take paint and stain well, light weight, and if you mess it up, it looks even better.  Everyone has a pallet at some point, when you buy anything in bulk, or yard materials, house materials, at your place of business, etc.  Its amazing where you see pallets, and when you see them you will think of all the wonderful ideas you can come up with.  Its just an unlimited project waiting on you! 
Oh and another thing, is completely green! What more could you ask for!  You are helping the environment ; ) 
And I could keep going, but I will let your imagination run wild now!  Thats all...for now

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sew Fine

 Visited one of my favorite antique shops not long ago and picked up some fun little accessories to my Blue Chair obsession!  Baking tins!  And look what I made with them! 

 Its a perfect size for a pin cushion!  And now I am selling them on Etsy.  But I used some fun fabrics, and vintage buttons, plus the signature burlap.  Yes ma'am cute cute! 

Love being creative!  Welcome 2012, what fun projects you are going to bring!  This is a little peek of how much sewing I plan to do ; )