Thursday, October 28, 2010

While in Jacksonville.....

Welcome to Jacksonville!  I have moved to Jacksonville Florida.  I am settled and getting things back in the swing of things, ramping up and getting creative.  I have alot on my plate, and tons of ideas.  But one at a time, and hopefully each week I can blog about my adventures, and my work.  Its going to be a fun ride, and I can't wait to share my life with you.  I do have a great idea that came from a trip to a marina in town.  I have to use this some how, and working on some exciting ideas ; )  Enjoy my finds online, and get inspired!
Restored Style, crabpot!

Check out this blog above, the crabpot idea is so cute!  I would LOVE to find one like this someday.

Just some inspiration that has been going on in my world....

Does anyone know where I may be trying to go with this?  Who knows ; )  More to come.  You will have to keep checking back with me. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coleus pots

My mom and I have a green thumb.  I have definitely inherited it from her.  So I took some photos of her coleus pots in front of her house.  They are so pretty.  I couldn't help but want to take a ton of them, because every angle was good.  I thought this was a good post for the lag between moving from NC to FL.  Especially since I am going to start posting our adventures in Florida, and new things I am going to create!   There is alot to come, but right now, stop and enjoy the flowers : ) 

 I love the pinks and greens with the bright blue pot.  The colors are just wonderful.  It makes me excited about Fall!!!

 Southern Living, eat your heart out  ; ) 

 Do you seen the little flag in the background?  Go Pirates! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

I was featured!

I was featured on Indiespotting!!  I am loving Etsy, its been so much fun!

Blue Chair was featured! 

I am so excited about all the new things I am working on at Blue Chair!  Once I move to Florida, I will be adding more to the collection.  More to come!

Have a great Friday!

Our House

We are selling a cute cute cute little townhouse, and moving to Florida next week.  I wanted to blog about our little house.  Its such a wonderful neighborhood, and I hate to leave it, but its going to be a good thing in Jacksonville.  I have had so much fun designing our home, and decorating.   I have enjoyed being creative in this house, I can't wait to put my personal touch on another, in Florida!  Hopefully this one will be a little bigger ; )  I need a craft room just for me!  Mind you, this is our house, clean and decluttered too, since we are showing.  So usually I have a few more little things on tables and such. 

My fabulous husband and his friend put in the floors.  They are carbonized bamboo.  I hate to leave them!  I also have a card catalog for my coffee table.  It was a find from my mom at her elementary school.  We had to make it into a coffee table.  I hope our next house has just as much character and is adorable!  Can't wait to blog!! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

We are moving to Jacksonville Florida!

So after years of being in NC, and only being about 50 miles from my parents for the last 10 years, my husband and I are moving to Jacksonville Florida in a week and a half.  Its a HUGE move for us, but he will have the chance to gain experience and accelerate his career.  It wasn't easy but we decided it was the best move for us.  So blogging will be less until we get settled, and Blue Chair will be on hold for a bit.  But as soon as I can I will start back strong!  I hope to start new blogs about Florida.  Each month I hope to have a new blog talking about my Jacksonville experiences, and photos of the wonderful things I hope to do or see.  So much to come!!  Keep in touch, and if you know anyone in Jax, let me know, I would love to connect with them and learn about the city!  Much love to all,