Friday, April 29, 2011

Burlap Contest

I love burlap so much, I entered a contest!  Here is the link!  Burlap Contest
I am so excited, I entered a few projects ; ) !!!!  I will keep you posted on the outcome! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty things Friday

I am having coffee with my jewelry lady today, I see Premier jewelry and we are just having a nice little morning meeting!  So I thought what a great post today but to share some vintage jewelry ideas on my blog!  Jewelry is still classic, and special to all women!  Just a little bling and frost for the day!  Enjoy this Good Friday! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owls....they are birds too

I have never really seen alot of owls in person, have you?  I may have seen one fly here and there, or in a zoo, but are they cute?  NO, but we can make them cute!  This is a new part of my creative avenue that I am exploring, thanks to a good friend of mine wanting this adorable shirt!  And she got the pillow too....

I am also working on a black shirt, and a squirrel, which I will be unveiling soon!  Stay tuned!  Soon to be on Etsy as well! 

The high heals make this!  The little flower is a pin, so it can be worn separately!  Gotta love something that is interchangeable right ; )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New House, still going

So, we started our renovations.  They are not like your typical construction renos, they are taking painted wallpaper down, painting, molding and floors.  We hope to do some heavy construction after we move in. 
Yes, we found in the kitchen painted wallpaper.  WHO paints over wallpaper?  We also found a few borders painted over in one of the bedrooms....yes a few borders.  Piled on top of each other.  But its starting to look livable, but we have a long way to go! 

 We changed both locks of course! 
 First room to go, this green room. its not a butter yellow! 
 Look I turned my husbands hair white, and its only the first week!  No he leaned into the primer haha! 

 Lots of wallpaper! 

 Dining room, and we added the chair rail. 
 Putting the vapor barrier down and the floors. 
 Yeah looks like we are going to need a new stove......long story...
Bella wants to play, she adores her yard! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue.....Chair! All the blue I can do!

Oh blue, its such an easy color.  It goes with everything, jeans are blue, the sky is blue, and your blood is blue, before it hits the air.  Its a good color!  SO lets celebrate blue today.  And what better way than to honor, Blue Chair!

Navy blue, light blue, cornflower blue, teal blue, so many blues!  But not the sad kind ; ) Enjoy your Thursday! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Spring, welcome homeownership!

So, I have been quite busy, and not working on projects for Sweet Nothings.  But projects for our new home in Florida!  And its been quite interesting all along the way.  So I thought I would post some before photos, and start going through the process of renovation, and revitalizing!  I mean I will have alot to share, and unfortunately with the Spring Fling event I took part of, may be the last for a little while.  My blog will evolve a bit, only temporarily, but into our journey with our new house, and the projects we take on.  But all are related to my love of design and pretty things.  So, its going to be a mix!  I may throw a few giveaways here and there, so you gotta keep checking on me ; )  I am sneaky!  So starting below are photos of the house, before.  Its a more typical architecture for Florida, well residential maybe not beach type homes.  Its in a wonderful neighborhood, quiet, and we are in the back of the development.  So we sit on almost 3/4 of an acre of land, which is hard to find in the city limits.  We back up to private land, and in the neighborhood is a horse stable, and someone has chickens!  There are a few little ponds too, its close to shopping and a neighborhood grocery store, AND, an ice cream shop!  I can't wait to ride our bikes to have dessert on a summer day!  So, see here, all the work we have to do, its a fixer upper!

 Front yard, all St. Augustine Grass!  Its going to be nice one day. 
 Back yard, deck is nice, but needs some work...
 And those plants, they aren't ours, they are the previous owner.  They left alot of things around, so we have been cleaning. 
 Side gate and yard, potential is there....
 Galley kitchen, needs all new appliances, new floor, new countertop, and new cabinet doors...

 Guest bath, needs alot too...

Living room is nice, opens to the kitchen, something I am happy about!  
 And who thought dark green was a good idea....
 Master bath, more work ahead! 
 But we have an orange tree! 
 See the boards coming up....yeah, work, but it will be worth it. 
Bella likes it, she loves the big yard!  And we will too soon enough.  We will like 4 bedrooms, and 2 baths, and a mudroom with a two car garage.  Open layout, and light and airy.  And we can watch the sunset out our windows everyday, its going to be great!