Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Chair is ready for fall!

 Its that time of year, the fall!  I have created a new line of flowers called Fleur de Tweed.  All tweed flowers, some with feathers, some with buttons and both.  AND of course, I am working on new designs for my pillows, and burlap.  I can't stop with the burlap! 

 This was a pillow I did for a friend of mine, she asked for black velvet surrounding the chandelier.  I can't wait to try more neat ideas like this one.  Keep them coming!!!

Stop and check out the flowers ; ) 

I found a fello burlap fan! They are everywhere!

So in my search for burlap ideas, I can across Potato Boutique!  This is quite the blog!  I absolutely love the burlap sack ideas, the bags, the purses, the pot holders!  And you can check her out on her Etsy Shop.  Take a gander!  Here are a few teasers!
I love the little yo yo's on this bag, so sweet!
This is too cute, I really am loving the burlap potato sack pillows!  
I found a new fav!  Burlap, the forgotten fabric!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Words cannot describe....

The ideas of having words and banners at weddings is really taking off these days.  Its something you can add to the style of your day which really shows well in photos!  Here are just a few ideas....I mean just a few.  I have fallen in love with some!! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cakes in a cup!

First of all, who doesn't like cupcakes?  My good friend Brooke is really getting into the cupcake world, she is such an awesome baker, and has some great ideas.  One day I think she will have her own cupcake shop!  I also have another friend Jen who is amazing with her designs!  I have to feature them, and feature a few other things I have found!  And to show just pretty cupcake ideas. 

Its the new growing trend at weddings and baby showers, bridal showers, gosh anytime!  There are specific stands you can purchase to display the cupcakes, or special platters and plates.  Be creative with your ideas! 
Cupcake ideas!!!

Then you have this wonderful website from my friend Jen.  She doesn't do this for a living, only on the side, but my gosh she has talent, and they taste good too!
I can't help to love these cupcakes....they are funky and fun, and I bet they taste great! 
What people can do with fondant!  This one really is a cupcake!
I could keep going, there are too many ideas and cupcakes to share, I suggest just getting in your kitchen and start baking!  I will come over and make sure that they taste ok ; )