Blue Chair
If you see anything on this page that you like, let me know, and I will create a custom order for you on my Etsy account.  And colors and ideas are welcome!  I love being creative and I want to share it!!  I find inspiration all over!  

Blue Chair has arrived.   I wanted a hobby, and thought about what made me happy.  Beautiful things, fabric, design, and accessories.  This came together quickly with an idea to create vintage cottage designs.  It all started when we used burlap and lace for our wedding centerpieces to set on.  Each table received a large square of burlap and lace overlay.  Our wedding was in a barn, so the burlap was perfect.  When we got back from the honeymoon, I was left with yards of burlap and lace.  I thought, this can't go to waste.  I would sit in my blue chair in my office, researching online, drawing, going through magazines, and then I came up with a list of things I HAD to try.  While sitting in my blue chair, I thought, I need a name for this....and it dawned on me, my ideas came to me while sitting in my blue chair!  Hence the name ; )

I came up with the idea to make pillows, and then it turned into the transfers on those pillows, then the wreaths, then the flowers, then came other fabrics, and it keeps going.  Its grows and grows each week.  I have been involved in a fundraiser with my dear friend for her marathon in December.  She is raising money for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  I have really enjoyed helping her reach her goal, and making beautiful flowers.  I have created an Etsy site since so many friends have asked me to, and sold many wreaths, flowers and pillows to friends and friends of friends.  I have a million new ideas I want to launch, and I want my business to grow to craft fairs, and possibly small boutiques one day.  It will come, so will my ideas.  Blue Chair is my hobby, but who knows what will happen next!  Thank you for all your support!

If you have ideas or would like pricing and information on my work, which I periodically display on my blog, please contact me.  I like the be reasonably priced and reasonably designed.  I just enjoy my work, and love  to make something special for someone.

  And it all started with this one right here, and its still my favorite, and my best seller believe it or not!