Sunday, February 27, 2011

Felt and Fabulous!

Felt, the forgotten fabric!  I mean it, I forget about it all the time, thinking oh yeah I have felt!  I just don't think of it as a quality fabric, but it is.  And it comes in so many colors and styles.  I use felt to make, what else, flowers!  I have a few I have made, and had to share.  They really are nice, and I am liking the way the felt looks.  Its different and not something you see all the time.  Which is PERFECT since I am so unique and I love things that are just a little different! 
 There are some incredible textures with felt! 

 Itty bitty hair clips!  I kinda of like them! 

 Ok so the burlap snuck in, what can I say I am obsessed with this fabric!

 This is my new favorite!  Love that mustard color, so vintage and retro! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Fling!

So, its about that time, time for me to celebrate!!!   For one, I have been blogging for a year now, apparently on February 13th haha!  I totally missed that milestone, but will acknowledge this now, and next, I will hitting 100 followers very soon!!  So its a big month!  So, to celebrate my year of accomplishments, and wonderful happenings, I am participating in a FUN giveaway this time!!  I am very excited to be part of this!   I am linking up with wildflowersandwhimsy
for a fun giveaway for the month of March! Check out her site!! 

Now the details! 
Basically April wants to give blog readers the chance to win!  There will be a series of giveaways from a variety of blogs, most who have Etsy site's so you know they will be good ; ) 
The giveaways will start on March 20 ( the first day of  spring) and will continue for hopefully two weeks Each blog will have a certain day to host a giveaway, and there will be of course a series of things to do for each giveaway, following, checking out their Etsy sites, Facebook, and commenting.  All things you all have done before!  But this time, its a ton of opportunities to win!!  
Sweet Nothings will be participating, and the prize is undetermined, but could be a big one ; )  So keep checking, and I will definitely be posting the day of my giveaway.  Let the best follower win!  YAY so much fun and so exciting! 

Much Luv! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Silk and Satin!

Awhile back I was asked to perform a task within a short time frame.  I got a message from a bride down south who wanted to know if I could make her satin and silk flowers, in magenta and purple for her wedding.  She wanted a cluster of flowers for the backs of her bridesmaid dresses, they were made of bright green satin.  wanted them made and shipped to her within a week!  I was so excited that she had contacted me and said of course I will help, and getting them in the amount of time she wanted was a challenge I was also up for.  So after photos and emails, I came up with the designs and fabrics.  What was great was her dresses came from Bella Bridesmaid, and I had used them for my own bridesmaid's dresses.  So it was nice to know the style and look she was going for!  And this is the finished product! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun with Chickens

So a friend of my has bought chickens!  Well little biddies, and he is planning on having organic eggs.  Something about organic eggs that I did not know until my husband's patient gave us some to try. 

They come in colors!  Yes, they come in pretty pastel blue, green, pale tan and brown, polka dots, pink and of course various whites and creams.  
Jen Turner Confections!

The yokes are dark yellow, yes it will surprise you when you crack them open!  
They taste delicious!  Yes, you will be able to taste a difference.  Its just tastes fresh and rich, and goodness!

But it was so fun to see the babies this weekend, some were white (those are the eating kind, and unfortunately when you buy chickens you get both) they had a little rooster, and little brown and tan chicks who will soon lay little eggs!  Another great idea, is to bake cakes and other baked goods with the eggs.  I have another friend who has chickens and thats her style.  Her tag line for her cakes are the organic eggs and fresh ingredients she uses.  She bakes the best cakes!  Here are some of her cakes!
And there are more photos, check out her page, Cakes
And you will be hooked!  If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area, or know someone who is, and you need a cake or cupcakes, this is your girl!  Also check out her gifts!  Fun fun!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorites from my Etsy Circle!

As you all know, I have an Etsy site  Blue Chair 
But I have a few favorites I would like to share!   Can we say, Blue Chair haha!  Couldn't help myself!  French Chair
This is a fun piece, you can find it here  Vintage
I love this one, I thought about buying it at one time then it got sold, but still sooo cool! Jewelry Stand
Vase holderHow cool is this one!
I mean I have never seen anything like this, I love it!  Necklace

Can you see a trend I have a favorite color don't I....hmmmm  Glass beads
Ahh I could keep going, I will stop here with this loveliness!  Hydrangea


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Giveaways going on that are so exciting!

So, I started checking out the giveaways going on, through Etsy, and other blogs, and here are just a few going on that are too fun, and I couldn't NOT share them!
Elm Studios- I entered this one!
Green Eyed Bag, and I entered this one too....ok sorry!
Heatherrenz   yeah this one too, ok so I am busy today!

And of course my Giveaway ends tonight!! 
Check it all out, there will be more little hints for giveaways coming soon!!!

Much luv! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

To tweet or not to tweet?

Soooo, I just have NOT gotten on the Twitter bandwagon, and I keep getting little messages here and there saying you know there is a big following on Twitter, or hey do you have a twitter name?  I hesitate, since I know I won't have the time to tweet every day, or even several times that day.    I know that Etsy has a great site on Twitter, which is probably where I would start.   But do you think that would make business better, or gain insight for new ideas, or new techniques?  These are the questions.  Heck I didn't even think I would ever blog or have an Etsy page, so I guess you never know where the future will take you!

I would like to know your thoughts on Twitter and tweeting :  ) Please leave me a comment on this post stating if you tweet or not, how its helped you, and what you think are the best things you have gotten out of Twitter?!  I want you to tell me what you think of Twitter?!  And if you have a comment that you DO NOT want posted, email me,

And then, I will decide!  

Do you think this guy is tweeting?  He looks busy napping!  This was a pigeon I saw in Italy while in Venice.  All the other pigeons were in the square, while this one, well he chilled ; )  

Enjoy your day!  Thanks for the love and advice in advanced! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


 Today is wear red day!  The main reason is to be AWARE of heart disease for women.  Last night I went to a charity event for this cause, and had a wonderful time with many woman in Jax wearing red and taking their blood pressure.  The Jax fire fighters were there helping with this ; )  But red was everywhere, and it wasn't because of Valentines, it was to be aware of heart disease.  The American Heart Association was also there with cute little red pins and lots of information.  But we still had fun with champagne, good food, and a great band!  Lots of women for a good cause!  Wear red, and enjoy these red items to celebrate the day. 

 Back of the this pillow is burlap, keeping with the Blue Chair theme! 

 This is made from a vintage handkerchief, and is available now on Etsy and ready to ship!  Its adorable and so vintage! 

 This too is available on Etsy  ready to ship by Valentines Day.  Red burlap, signature fabric from Blue Chair! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Mine Fleurs, and Giveaway!

Today is a good day!  I am being featured by my friend Ashley at

She has posted a gorgeous posting about my Fleurs, and my give away!  See some photos here!  

I have known this girl since 3rd grade! Talk about we go way back!  We met at a slumber party for a neighbor of mine, and were friends instantly!  And what is amazing is how we have some how kept up through the years, and its been a few ; ) !  And look now!  What fun! 
She is so sweet to host this giveaway for me, so if you want to enter, check out Ramblings with Ashley, and be sure to read the instructions ; )  I am too excited about this, and we have been planning since January began!  
Another shout out, I made a post at Michele Made Me 
She won my last giveaway back in January.  She is a lovely lady and I thoroughly enjoy her blog and her sweet notes!  Make sure you check her out, she has some wonderful ideas!  And each month I plan on hosting a giveaway!! 2011 is going to be a great year!   

Much luv,