Friday, August 13, 2010

Some burlap crafts....thank you blogs!

I found this amazing blog the other day, which I have fallen in love with.  I am making some of her ideas, and thinking of other ideas of my own.  I have had so much burlap from the wedding, I will have to re-post the burlap photos, that it was just too easy not to use my creativity!
So we got married in a barn, The Angus Barn that is, and I wanted rustic but elegant.  So each table was going to be set with tons of candles and a center candle piece of some form.  I anchored each table with a large 2' x 2' burlap square, with frayed edges, with a piece of lace over top.  The cake table, and all the other important tables had this burlap.  I just thought the juxtaposition was perfect for the wedding.  I also had several old windows, which I added photos of us through the years, and made stands for the windows.  We also had several photos of us, not just one of me.  Again, burlap was my anchor.

See the burlap and lace?  I also used a real piece of a tree for the cake, since it was rustic, and all around the barn were tables made of tree stumps, surrounded by Adirondack chairs.  

The wish tree station, where people would write wishes to the bride and groom and hang them on the tree.  Burlap, can you find it?  

Table settings.  Now, onto my newest creations with the left over burlap.  By the way, burlap is rather inexpensive, and can be used for so much.  And, is very casual.  I still have alot left over, we had 20 tables with burlap and loads of special tables.  I am going to keep some in tact, but other pieces, is fair game! Enjoy! Thank you Tatertots and Jello! 

Above are some wreaths that I made using my burlap!  I have made one for my front door, and now I have one I am making for my good friend's mom as a gift.  Wreath Check out the ideas from Tatertots and Jello.
I have been experimenting with fabric transfers, and I have many of these just not made into pillows or anything yet.  I have birdcages, hot air balloons, flowers, bicycles, and beehives.  I have many more ideas with this, and on other materials as I am experimenting with those as well! 

I have come up with several more ideas for the burlap.  This hanging decor, with my initial, a pin cushion in a tart container, and then a burlap flower pin.  And of course other flowers and yo yos....can't get enough of them! Enjoy! 

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