Monday, May 28, 2012

Hopes for Blue Chair

So for the past few months, not only have I been busy with my full time job, charity events, interior design events, traveling and great friends weddings, not to mention working on the house, and then the yard, just to name a few things that have occupied my time, crafting has been on the back burner.  SO, inspiration has been hard to come by and projects far and few between.  I have been trying to get in that room and work, and its been like pulling teeth, and not something I have been interested in working on.  My great husband has been so patient and listened to the complaining, and ranting about my creative juices are gone!  THEY ARE COMING BACK!  
So now, we are back in business, and working on new ideas for Blue Chair.  Of course here is some inspiration I have been looking at lately, and had to share.   Wood is the next new medium that I am hoping to work with, in all respects.  And of course the original burlap and lace.  I have 2 tentative craft events hopefully, in my future, in Sept and then in November.  So I will keep you posted!  Glad to be back, hope I can continue to save some bloggy time!