Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lets make laundry feel special and fun!

So, in hopes to find a home in Jacksonville, B and I have been looking at house with, wait for it, ready....a MUD ROOM!   Ok so when I was younger I didn't see the big deal to my mom when we were looking for a family home, and she was thrilled over a mud room and laundry room combo.  I do now.  I heart the idea!  And why not make it a nice entrance from your garage, when its rainy out, and you come in and drop everything, I think having a nice place to plop things is great.  Storage and color, why not!  And plus you will be doing laundry in there so why not make it feel special.  Not my normal blog post, but its what is going on now in my life, and soon I will be back to posting pretty things, my work, and things I just love! 
This one looks luxurious!
Love this chandelier, I think this might be something I use in my own one day!
Are these like dreams or what!
Yes I am this organized, isn't everyone???  TEE HEE
Everyone should have a wine fridge in their laundry room, makes sense right ? !

So pretty, dream......

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  1. The idea of a pretty mud/laundry room combo is absolutely intoxicating!!



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