Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My little French dining room: a work in progress...

So, I have been working on my house, as most designers do, I have been obsessing over all kinds of photos online, magazines, etc.  So here is my project!    I bought some chairs and a table at a consignment shop, and my husband and I striped down the paint, and sanded, then painted and I reupholstered the chairs, and we stained the top.  I have more pictures, with the finishing touches to come!

 Bella likes the drapes! 
 I also made my own curtains!  The fabric is at the end, oops I messed up with the loading ; )  and I need to find a new chandelier.
 Yes that is a bridal portrait in the background...

 Chairs unpainted...

 My dining room became the sewing room ; )  I needed the space!
 Chair fabric, French writing and stamps....  I have so many more projects to do in this room, but yellow, cream black, taupe and gray is the colors we are using, and its really nice!  I love it!

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  1. Hi Candace, I simply love the way ur dining room is coming along nd look forward to seeing more posts as u finish. Stop by and say hi if ya get a chance............Bonnie/new follower and also Jacksonville resident. OH, i almost forgot to ask, Where did u get the french "document" fabric?


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