Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pallet wood

My new obsession is with wood from pallets!  I know sounds strange, but it is solid wood, usually free or very cheap, something people throw out and forget about, already aged and has a patina, what more could you want!  Its knotty usually, and has alot of character.  Its light and natural looking, can take paint and stain well, light weight, and if you mess it up, it looks even better.  Everyone has a pallet at some point, when you buy anything in bulk, or yard materials, house materials, at your place of business, etc.  Its amazing where you see pallets, and when you see them you will think of all the wonderful ideas you can come up with.  Its just an unlimited project waiting on you! 
Oh and another thing, is completely green! What more could you ask for!  You are helping the environment ; ) 
And I could keep going, but I will let your imagination run wild now!  Thats all...for now


  1. I'm your partner in crime with this obsession! I can't wait to start on some of these projects! You found several of the same pics that I put on my inspiration board. Love this post!


  2. You are always doing such creative things...love this. I especially love that headboard and the coffee table. Love it.


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