Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ribbons and pearls

There are many things you can do at your wedding reception that are inexpensive, but look great.  Ribbons are colorful and very easy to find.  Use ribbons in a new way, drape them over each table for color, and get the cheaper table cloths.  This could save you money in the long run! 
love the lanterns!  Add ribbons for a little something extra! 
I really love seeing multiple photos at weddings, showing the bride and groom, either photos of them when they were dating or their engagement photos.  I think this should be a new trend, adding more photos so friends and family who may not see the couple often can seen how they have grown or their fun moments together.  It will be a hit at your wedding, and then you have a collection of the two of you in the end
Use pearls in your wedding, either it could be something you wear, or give to your bridesmaids as gifts.  Pearls are classic and can be worn with anything!  Its a great gift! 
There are neat ways to add details to your wedding, especially if its a smaller wedding.  Add napkin rings to your table setting.  Something jeweled, and unusual, and will make guests feel like they are welcomed! 
I love the way this ribbon was done on this bouquet. Make sure you talk to your florist, and give them photos or ideas, drawings or actual ribbons to use.  They won't mind that at all! 
This cake uses ribbons right on the cake! 
I think this is a neat idea for a boutonniere!  And it may be able to be saved, instead of thrown away.  

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  1. That necklace would look GORGEOUS on you darling!!!


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