Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Chair

So, its time for some new things!  Transformations as I like to call it, starting fresh and new.  I am no abandoning my love for weddings, but incorporating a whole lot more!  I have been reading blogs, and enjoying so many things that now I am starting to make handmade crafts.  After the wedding, I had tons of burlap left over, and it just didn't make sense to get rid of it.  I am still in limbo with where we are going next, so my time is spent working on my creations!  I blogged a few things the other day with my creations, but I have some more to share! 

I am starting my own shop, called Blue Chair.  Its in the first stages, very primitive, but working towards something good.  Starting to get on Etsy, and word of mouth!  Here are a few things that I have made, that will soon be on Etsy or already are! 

This is my own personal shirt that I added two flowers that I made out of fabric.  I have really enjoyed making the flower pins, and they go with everything! 

My other love, burlap is becoming my signature fabric!  I am going to use other fabrics of course, but burlap will be in many of my crafts.  This is a burlap flower pin, my grandmother and mother each own one, and will be wearing them all the time, especially since right now all the burlap I use is from my wedding!  

This flower is made of a tweed material.  I thought it may be fun for winter, and into early spring.  The colors are bright and cheerful!  I am taking photos on my back patio, where I have several pieces that now have a rusted patina.  The color of the items were a pale sage green/blue.  Very vintage and perfect for my photos! 
This was actually the very first flower pin I made.  Its this beautiful rose fabric, that has started to look tattered on the edges, which makes for a vintage effect.  Something I didn't plan but became a happy accident! 

White lace and then a plaid flower pin.  Both are just so neat to either add to a shirt, jacket, purse, bag, your hair, or a fun hat!  
My silver platter and debut for Blue Chair!  Laid out on a silver platter, may be something I do each time I make a bunch of flowers.  What girl doesn't love flowers!!  

Next we have my other endeavor,  fabric transfers on burlap.  I am getting a lot of response to these.  The transfers were found through resources on the internet.  Of course, burlap will be my fabric of choice, but others are NOT out of the question.  

I really can't wait to expand this portion of Blue Chair, and maybe other ideas will grow from the pillows.  ;)  Keep visiting, more to come on my Etsy site, and what I will be doing next! 

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  1. Love your logo - let me know if I can ever be of any assistance in the way of photographing your beautiful crafts...I can also help with promotions through my blog.


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