Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek on Spring Fling ; )

So, it looks like a little sneak peek for Spring Fling wouldn't be a bad idea, since there are so many other wonderful things going on!  Well for one, its SPRING!  Who isn't a fan, the weather is getting better, the grass is turning greener, flowers are popping up, birds wake you up in the mornings, and you get to wear pretty colors!  And what better way to start it off right, than some bright accessories to pop those outfits, you know the ones.  The fact that you have been wearing dark colors all winter, and you haven't gone shopping just yet, since all the new colors and clothes are coming out, and you are waiting for the sales to start ;)  Here is a PERFECT way to jump start it!   Come by for Spring Fling giveaways, including mine ; )

YAY!  Wild Flowers and Whimsy!
So My day is March 24th, and there are a list of lovely ladies participating.  And this is what I plan on giving away ; )
 Mustard yellow burlap flower, NOT your typical fabric ; )  Special order fabric at that!  Its definitely been one that many people have enjoyed and the color is great for spring!  And, there will be a special gift that comes with this, but you won't know unless you enter the giveaway!!! Enjoy!   ; )  Can't wait till the 24th! 


  1. Love the color, love the fabric choice! Posting mine here soon...I'm nervous no one will enter!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE that flower! Beautiful! The color is gorgeous, and I love how the kind of rough texture contrasts with the ruffliness (hmm, I'm waxing eloquent on this). Anyway, I think it's lovely :-)


  3. That's really pretty!! I love that you made it out of burlap!


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