Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh the luck of the Irish

I am part Irish, also part Scottish, English, French and German.  I am sure there are a few other countries dotted in there, but that is the bulk.  I don't feel like I have the "luck of the Irish" but I feel lucky with alot of things in my life.  And one of those things is the ability to BE CREATIVE!  I tell you what, I am so glad I can do things, be handy, come up with great ideas.  I am glad thats possible.  And to celebrate that green day, here are some green accessories!  Of course I made these, but I couldn't help but share with you!

These are my take on the green day of March.  Fun and flirty and polka dots!   I love these, they are soft and sessy, and too fun!  I have also promised this one to a good friend of mine, she loves her some Fleurs!


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