Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mt. Dora Rennigers Picking

So, this past weekend my mom and I did something most ladies who follow my blog and who are interested in vintage items would LOVE TO DO! Take part in an antique flea market extravaganza.  This was in Mt. Dora at Rennigers.  This place is AMAZING!  Its in Florida, so if any of you have the pleasure to visit the Orlando area, this is highly recommended.   A few weekends a year, they have this amazing 800 vendor/booth set up, with thousands of amazing finds.  People come from all over, there were license plates from Canada!  I mean I thought it was good, but apparently its worth the drive ; )  Here are a few pics from the show.  OVERWHELMING! 

 So when we walked in, mom and I couldn't contain ourselves, we seriously didn't know which direction to walk, which way to look and how to maneuver, even though the crowds were few, we were not functioning at all! 

 Loved these buckets! 

 So after awhile we noticed everyone had little carts they were rolling around.  We had brought little hand carts, like the ones you used to use in the airports.  And we attached old LL bean bags with bungy cords to the cards to help us carry things.  Those little carts people were carrying around, $40 bucks.  So that would have been $80 for the two of us, bring you a cart!  If you can make it there! 

 There were about 800 vendors, and about 300 who were permanent in little houses, and in covered areas.  So there were people from all over, we even met a guy from NC, who told us about a Charlotte flea market that may be worth trying one year.  I tell you, this was quite fun and we need to do this again! 

 My next blog will be my purchases :)  I didn't do a whole lot but I did enough damage to keep myself and B busy with more projects!  Love that man! 


  1. Hi, you are so right, wish I could click my heels together and appear in the middle of this flea market, it is one of my favorite things to do. Looks like a day well spent. I have recently found a few vintage pieces, I am very excited about that. Hugs, Lynn

  2. Hey I am working on a documentary project about flea markets. I would love to chat with you about your experiences if possible!



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