Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going Green

Going green, that can be taken 2 ways.  Its earth friendly or its the color.  The color green is worth using as your wedding colors.  Its calming, and soothing, and can really be a beautiful addition to your wedding day, key words being calming!
This table is a great look but not for very much.  Each place setting has a single flower or herb attached, and the small votives of small simple flowers, such an easy look, for not very much! 
I love these shoes!  Aren't they great!  If only you could find these on sale at Nine West or TJ Maxx!  Wouldn't that be even better! Use bright colored shoes under your white wedding dress, to create a pop of color, and something different.  I think I will have to blog about this idea by itself! 
This is such a neat idea, with some of the walls up around this wedding, and some are gone.  I bet you can find these types of things at flea markets and vintage shops. Think outside the box! 
Yeah an entire blog on shoes, is a must, these are sooo cute! 
So its not green and its a farm wedding, but it was such a neat photo, I had to add it!  Love the sunflowers! 
Thats a green cake!  But wow the color is amazing!  
I think this icey blue green is such a fresh look.  This is a teaser for designers, but it can be incorporated into your wedding or any event for that matter.  
This is one way to utilize your surroundings, its very green here, and if you use the color green then you really have little accents that you have to use.  Its economical and very beautiful.  

You may want to check out this book, for all those eco-friendly brides.  

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