Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Million dollar question....

What do you have as your wedding favor?  Do you have one, do you make a contribution to a charity instead, will your guests judge you with what you give as a favor?  Would they rather have food, or an item?  How much do you spend?  All questions that I know I asked, and all of you brides out there asked.  What do you do with the favors?  What should they be??  I have researched till I was blue in the face and now, my ideas...Take em or leave em!  

Vintage cookies....not a bad idea!  
Peanuts, baseball themed wedding....nice!  
Personalized matches, in any shape or form.
Rustic pencils
 This was just pretty!  
 Ok, just fell in love.....oops I hope I don't get too excited about the tea cups!  
Really good idea in lieu of a chandelier!
There is salt water taffy in there....very neat idea and gorgeous way to display! 
 I am not sticking to my blog today, oh well, enjoy the randomness!  Can I have a May pole at my wedding?? And I love this color! 


  1. Girl! I will TOTALLY dance gleefully around a maypole at your wedding if you want one! I'm sure I could make Sara and Calley join in too!!! I LOVE the teacups but kinda pricey. . .and you know how I feel about the whole baseball theme! Ahhhhhh so many lovely ideas to choose from!

  2. And high fives!


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