Friday, October 8, 2010

Our House

We are selling a cute cute cute little townhouse, and moving to Florida next week.  I wanted to blog about our little house.  Its such a wonderful neighborhood, and I hate to leave it, but its going to be a good thing in Jacksonville.  I have had so much fun designing our home, and decorating.   I have enjoyed being creative in this house, I can't wait to put my personal touch on another, in Florida!  Hopefully this one will be a little bigger ; )  I need a craft room just for me!  Mind you, this is our house, clean and decluttered too, since we are showing.  So usually I have a few more little things on tables and such. 

My fabulous husband and his friend put in the floors.  They are carbonized bamboo.  I hate to leave them!  I also have a card catalog for my coffee table.  It was a find from my mom at her elementary school.  We had to make it into a coffee table.  I hope our next house has just as much character and is adorable!  Can't wait to blog!! 


  1. So pretty! Good luck and I hope you sell quickly. How exciting!

  2. Your house is sooooo cute! I bet you are sad to leave it!
    Hope it sells well, and that you find new decorating adventures in FL!

  3. Very nice! It's very well done and should sell easily! Good luck with your move!


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