Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coleus pots

My mom and I have a green thumb.  I have definitely inherited it from her.  So I took some photos of her coleus pots in front of her house.  They are so pretty.  I couldn't help but want to take a ton of them, because every angle was good.  I thought this was a good post for the lag between moving from NC to FL.  Especially since I am going to start posting our adventures in Florida, and new things I am going to create!   There is alot to come, but right now, stop and enjoy the flowers : ) 

 I love the pinks and greens with the bright blue pot.  The colors are just wonderful.  It makes me excited about Fall!!!

 Southern Living, eat your heart out  ; ) 

 Do you seen the little flag in the background?  Go Pirates! 

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