Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Mercury Glass!

I have fallen in love!  Well don't tell my husband, he is still my one and only, but in love with mercury glass!!!  Its not something that is all over the stores, but I just started seeing it here and there over the years and turns out, I love it!  I am not a proud owner of two new glass ornaments.  I found them at an antique mall in the San Marco area of Jacksonville Florida.  But these are only my first of many.  Each year I plan on collecting a couple, and soon I will have a beautiful collection.  Its my little splurge at Christmas, since all my ornaments on my tree are fabric, wood, or plastic.  My cat and dog like to un-decorate the tree, hence the non-breakable ornaments!  Here are some beautiful inspirations! 
I just got an acorn like this one in the middle : ) It reminded me of NC!  Sadie and Olive
Love these!
Corn on the cob anyone? 
Love them all!  Need these too, heart the pink!

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  1. I too *heart* mercury glass, I think it's so vintage and imperfect looking. You found some great sources, love the pics.


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