Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is your favorite Christmas Memory?!

What is your Christmas memory?  Or your favorite time during the holidays, or a family member, or a place you would visit.  I want to know about it!  I want to spread some Christmas cheer, and share my favorite memories with you as you share with me.  So send me a note and let me know what makes the holidays special for you and your family.  Send me links or photos, whatever will make you reminisce your childhood or something that makes you smile. 

My Christmas memory, well I have a few!  My family is German, well my dad's side.  And so for Christmas Eve, we would make German sandwiches, little cookies, candies, potato salad, and other little German treats.  After we ate, we would all open presents, and just enjoy each others company.  We still do this when I am home for Christmas, it reminds me of being little :) 

Another memory is visiting my grandparents at Wrightsville Beach, NC on Thanksgiving. I know that is the wrong holiday, but each year we would go, and watch the parade of boats all lit up for Christmas.  They had a contest in the bay, and everyone decorated their boats with lights and music, getting everyone in the holiday spirit.  It was my favorite!  And usually it was cold, but we would bundle up and watch from the porch.  Such a fun time. Then my grandmother would get out the ornaments and decorations and let my sister and I start trimming her little mini tree, and her house with Christmas! 

Something simple, is that we would decorate a large spruce tree in our front yard with colored lights each year.  But now the tree is too tall to decorate, but it was such a symbol in our neighborhood, the big Christmas tree on the corner! 

These are all little memories, some of you I know have some great ones!  Share with me and everyone else, spread some Christmas cheer : ) 

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  1. Just came through your blog through A Work in Progress....it is beautiful here! Love that gumdrop tree and that staircase!!!!
    Good to meet you!
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead!!


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