Friday, December 3, 2010

Recycling for Christmas!

I know most people may not have this around their house, but then again, I think alot of people may!  Left over screen from fixing a screen door, or an old window screen that has started to tear.  And there is something you can do with that!  Christmas ornaments!  I was in a boutique in Wake Forest, NC while visiting my family over Thanksgiving, and my mother and I saw the cutest decorations, little stars painted in whimsical designs.  After examining the ornaments, we figured out they were made of old window screen!  We decided to try out the craft when we got home, knowing that we knew we had all the materials we needed.  And here is small description of how to do it.  I wished I had taken more photos, but a description will work as well. 
Oh and use wax paper and something under the paper for the paint to drip on : ) 

1. You need old window screen, and make a pattern of your choice, stars, trees, hearts, etc. 
2. Double up your screen and sew the edges with yarn, very loosely, and doesn't have the be beautiful because you are going to paint over it!
3.  Paint the stars cut outs with a latex waterbased primer, including the edges.
4.  Then use acrylic paint to paint both sides with whatever colors and designs you want.
5.  Let dry, and decorate however you would like : )  Enjoy!

They took a little bit of time, since you have to wait to let them dry, but they turned out so cute, and so personalized!  Enjoy!


  1. That is such a cool idea - not something I have around the house but it looks pretty easy!

  2. Those are cute, almost have a folk art look to them. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. I found your blog through New Friend Fridays, and I'm your newest followers! I love your blog! So pretty. :)


  4. I love this ! You are so crafty ! I love recycling ! You did such a great job !
    Come say hi and follow me back !

  5. Oh these are adorable, Candace!! How precious!!!


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