Sunday, February 27, 2011

Felt and Fabulous!

Felt, the forgotten fabric!  I mean it, I forget about it all the time, thinking oh yeah I have felt!  I just don't think of it as a quality fabric, but it is.  And it comes in so many colors and styles.  I use felt to make, what else, flowers!  I have a few I have made, and had to share.  They really are nice, and I am liking the way the felt looks.  Its different and not something you see all the time.  Which is PERFECT since I am so unique and I love things that are just a little different! 
 There are some incredible textures with felt! 

 Itty bitty hair clips!  I kinda of like them! 

 Ok so the burlap snuck in, what can I say I am obsessed with this fabric!

 This is my new favorite!  Love that mustard color, so vintage and retro! 


  1. I recently started working with felt too. I used to shun it as something used for kid's school crafts, but I have loved working with it. So versatile, so easy, such pretty colors :)

  2. Can I just say thanks?! I was having a really lousy morning, thinking I needed to start working on this weeks Throwback Thursday project, but simply don't have the motivation to do anything. But then I saw these and they perked me right up as I went ooh! and ahhh!

  3. These flowers look AWESOME! And, I love them on the hat. So pretty!

  4. I absolutely love the muted tones!


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