Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorites from my Etsy Circle!

As you all know, I have an Etsy site  Blue Chair 
But I have a few favorites I would like to share!   Can we say, Blue Chair haha!  Couldn't help myself!  French Chair
This is a fun piece, you can find it here  Vintage
I love this one, I thought about buying it at one time then it got sold, but still sooo cool! Jewelry Stand
Vase holderHow cool is this one!
I mean I have never seen anything like this, I love it!  Necklace

Can you see a trend I have a favorite color don't I....hmmmm  Glass beads
Ahh I could keep going, I will stop here with this loveliness!  Hydrangea



  1. Candace, I wish I could figure out how to list my favorites from Etsy. I love your blog and so happy you are a member of the Etsy Blog Team! karen

  2. I am in *loooove* with your style! Your banner up there, did you make all those things yourself? They are beautiful!
    And that lovely blue color....I could drown in it. Oh, cool store name by the way!

  3. Glad I made your day, but I was just telling the truth. Your banner is just so beautiful and does a great job of displaying your personal style.
    As soon as I make/have time I would love to do some sort of give away or link party.

  4. I have some beautiful followers! Such a wonderful Friday!!! Enjoy the weekend ladies!

  5. That chair is just dreamy and hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers - yummy picks!!!

  6. Your name always makes me think you should be an HGTV host... ;)

  7. Great selection! I love that French chair and the hydrangea necklace! Beautiful!


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