Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New House, still going

So, we started our renovations.  They are not like your typical construction renos, they are taking painted wallpaper down, painting, molding and floors.  We hope to do some heavy construction after we move in. 
Yes, we found in the kitchen painted wallpaper.  WHO paints over wallpaper?  We also found a few borders painted over in one of the bedrooms....yes a few borders.  Piled on top of each other.  But its starting to look livable, but we have a long way to go! 

 We changed both locks of course! 
 First room to go, this green room. its not a butter yellow! 
 Look I turned my husbands hair white, and its only the first week!  No he leaned into the primer haha! 

 Lots of wallpaper! 

 Dining room, and we added the chair rail. 
 Putting the vapor barrier down and the floors. 
 Yeah looks like we are going to need a new stove......long story...
Bella wants to play, she adores her yard! 


  1. I know this house is going to be so cute when you're all done! That green reminds me of a room I painted green. Looking back, it was a pretty bold decision that I wouldn't repaint again.

  2. "Who paints over wallpaper?" The previous owners of our house too. It was paint-wallpaper-paint-wallpaper. It was horrendous to redo. And each layer was uglier than the last.


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