Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How it all began...

So 6 months into our quest for baby, things got real.  I decided to take a trip to my resident OBGYN and talk things over.  It was kind of NOT HAPPENING!  Everyone around me was pregnant, or trying or giving birth.  I was 29, and you know thats the age.  We got married when I turned 28, and hubby was 27.  We moved to Florida, and I started a new job, which I was in love with.  He loved his job, and we bought a house which we started renovating. By the way, thats great therapy when you are not able to conceive, you just start ripping things out! doctor just told me to be patient, sometimes these things take time.  I usually ask for lead times with my job, so of course I wanted the same with this.  But my problem was the lack of ovulation, and again, "these things take time to regulate".  Come back in 6 months, but in the mean time take pre-natal vitamins and keep trying.  There is that word "trying".  Its not a lack of trying, its a lack of eggs....

So friends, family and co-workers ask on a daily basis, "So when are you all going to have a little one?"  People if I had that answer I would already have one!  I don't have a lead time!  I know others feel the same way, and then your sister in law announces they are expecting in December right before you all go on a cruise together with your in-laws.  Not that that is a problem you will have a great time.  You can drink and she can't but the conversation will be focused on baby to be, between everyone and you are kind of having a hard time at this point being super excited, when its been 9 months and you two started trying at the same time.  So you plan your beverages for the trip, and feel cute in your bikinis while she is getting all the attention. Which she rightfully deserves!  But you feel inadequate, knowing you are ovulating while on the cruise and hope for a little session or two with your hubby may seal the deal in international waters!  

So 2 weeks later, guess who arrives?  Thats right, your friend!  Not the one you like to stay awhile, but the one that just is a pain in the a$%!  At this point, we were getting really frustrated.  Each month, same thing would happen.  I would count, test, and sometimes I ovulated, and sometimes I didn't.  The days I did, we would do what we needed to do, and even on the days I didn't ovulate, we still tried.  We tried one month every day for 2 weeks!  We were both tired of it, and it became a chore.  And my nephew was getting close to being born, along with the holidays, so it was getting a little crazy in our lives.  The constant "when are you all going to have your own" and "what is taking so long" was getting to me, and to my hubby.  We didn't enjoy intimacy like we should.  Seeing posts on Facebook about pregnancy announcements got to us too.  It wasn't fun anymore.  We decided to seek help...


  1. I can relate to many of your emotions all too well!

    1. Jaimee, thanks for visiting my blog. I know so many women can relate, thats the sad part, but know we are all in this together!


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