Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Happens

For several years now, all my blog posts have been about my hobby and passion for all things creative.  Most of the reason I have had a blog and a hobby was to keep my mind off of other things such as moving to Florida from NC and leaving everything behind, finding a new job, learning a new city, traveling for work which got very tiring, and mostly infertility.  Its the word no one wants to admit, that you are having trouble starting a family.  It makes you feel, inadequate, and broken.  No one wants to admit it, but its rampant, and so many people go through it never share.  Its a silent thing, one between you and your partner, maybe a few close friends and maybe family.  We were there.  My love for being creative and pouring myself into fun projects made its a little easier to cope.  That, and wine and chocolate of course!

I hope my blog helps others that may be in the same boat, feeling barren, alone, or inadequate.  Its life, could be worse, and really it all becomes sweet nothings in the end anyway.

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