Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project management: table and dining room

So with everything that has been going on, I decided to pour myself into a project.  And I drafted the hubby!  Always a good idea!  There is an adorable antique shop not far from the house.  I visit this place all the time, just looking, not necessarily buying anything.  You have to go to these places all the time to get the good stuff.  I fell in love with this table, it had all the right lines, it was French looking and the chairs were amazing.  They had terrible fabric and the base was yellow.  I decided to paint the table and chairs, so in doing so, you have to strip the paint first and sand it down.  


More stripping....

Then I went to the local fabric store, and found this!  And of course, my 1 table project turned into 2! Kitchen table and Dining room curtains!  

Luckily, we didn't have a lot of furniture at the time, so I had the whole house to work on these projects!  

Not so pretty fabric.....

Fabric for the chairs!  

This turned into a PROJECT!  

Yeah its like I have ADD when it comes to projects!  So once I got the table stripped down, well I decided I liked the way it looked, just like this!  I didn't want to paint it, why when its got the most amazing look to it!  It looks like its so old, and has been in the family for years, when in reality, all we did is strip off paint!  I love it!  

So I used the chairs for the dining room, and I used the table for the kitchen, and bought a new table for the dining room, stained and painted the table to look like the stripped table in the kitchen.  I love this room, I just need to figure out the chandelier!  

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