Monday, June 8, 2015

And its a......

The day had finally arrived, the day that hubby and I would find out what we were having.  It had been 17 weeks, and every month we had had 2 appts, 2 docs to see.  An ultrasound each time, measuring, blood work, heartbeats, exams, we were ready to have the info on what we were having.  Was it a boy or a girl?   Naturally everyone wants a healthy baby, which is what we were ok with.  I would have loved my husband to have a boy, to play with, fish with, etc.  I also would have loved to have a girl, someone to play with and dress up with, maybe future shopping buddy.  But either way, we would be happy.  Our family was in hopes for a girl, only because hubbys family was full of boys, and Gigi would love to have a girl to spoil.  My mom of course, had tons of girls things, so a girl would be easy.

We went in, and started the appt.  Lots of pics, lots of measuring again.  Finally, it was time, the nurse had a screen shot, she said, are you interested in finding out?  We both said yes!  She said ok, here it is!  3 little lines!  Its a girl!  Think Pink was what she typed on the screen shot!  OMG!  I turned to B and said, well, Gigi is going to flip!  I think he was shocked, but not surprised at all.  We were excited, it was going to be fun.

So then I had to go to work, and keep quiet!  We told our family that we would tell them first, and then tell friends.  B went out after that and bought a pink shirt for work, so cute.  Then he baked a strawberry cake with white icing and made sure no pink showed through.  We would facetime later that night with both families.  And B's brother, wife and boy were also going to come over, it was going to be a big reveal!

It was pretty funny, we had 2 ipads, an an iphone working, so that my parents, his, and my sister all were on at the same time.  My mom even had my grandmother come over.  It was a family event!  We had dinner, and then made the calls.  I grabbed a knife, and a spatula, and started to cut.  I know I was taking forever on purpose haha!  Then the pink started to show and everyone screamed!  Its a girl!   YAY!

It was so fun to do that.  And the cake was delicious too.  We all were just so excited, a girl in the family finally.  I had no idea how much fun it was going to be.  

Always pink and purple skies!  

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