Monday, June 29, 2015

It started to get real!

So the summer ended, and fall came upon us, and then the holidays.  November rolled around, and Thanksgiving.  It took me back to just the year before in 2013, when around Thanksgiving, I was having my second miscarriage, and this year I was a very 7 month pregnant woman.  It was a little scary still, we had December to get through and most of January.  The year before rocked my world, I just didn't take the 2nd one well.  I had seen it on the ultrasound screen.  But this year was a happier time, and we had a lot to be thankful for.  We were getting all the final things ready for the baby and B wasn't out fishing anymore, just in case she decided to arrive early, we just didn't know.

Sleeping at night started to get difficult, as if it wasn't already with peeing all the time.  My hips started hurting the larger I got, and the bathroom breaks became every other hour.  They say pregnancy gets you prepared for the sleepless nights to come...The pillows surrounded me as if I had a fort around me, our king size bed was much needed!  Everything started to get difficult.  I couldn't lean over to shave in the shower, I remember trying and could only get half my legs done.  I had chipped toenail polish and I couldn't lean over to repair that.  Picking things up got hard, I would ask co-workers to pick things up for me which was often because when you are pregnant you drop EVERYTHING!  Its like you loose control of your hands!  They are so fat and weak, nothing can be gripped.  They don't tell you a lot of this stuff!  I got winded walking fast, I had to sit a lot, and drink a ton of water, so my bathroom breaks were ridiculous.  My clothes were starting to get tight, my maternity clothes!  I didn't want to buy for a month so I stuck it out.  I remember having to get B to take my toenail polish off, and my mom did my toes haha!  I also had him shave my legs, it was getting bad.  I had to really focus to put on shoes, which were slip ons, but to make sure I put the right colors on.  I had B help me put lotion on my legs and feet at night, I had help getting in and out of bed sometimes, and off the couch.  Aching and pains were everywhere, and she kicked me all the time.  I had heartburn and indigestion from water, and air.  It was a challenge!  And the tiredness came back!  Towards the end, I sat on a towel at work, and had one in the car, in case my water broke.  I also had towels and liners in the bed at night, I had to be prepared!

And in December, when the weather was cooler, I was still hot.  I had to walk outside at work to cool off.  It was just back to being miserable.  Being pregnant isn't magical, you are making a human and it takes everything out of you.  Its wonderful but man I had every symptom!

Around the holidays, my family all came into town, along with B's parents too.  We had a revolving door, my mom, dad, sister, fiance, and grandmother, along with in laws.  We were busy.  Everyone wanted to spend time with us before the baby.  And B decided with all the family around, what better way to spend the holidays but tearing up the back deck.  You see, about a month prior, I was on the phone with my friend and sat down outside because I was hot, and the chair went through the deck!  I went flying forward, the phone went the other way, and the chair went yet another way.  Its funny if you think about it.  I didn't think I was THAT heavy!  No it was rotten and mildewy and had to go.  So B thought that it would be great to get this done when he was off, also the same time as all our family was around.  It also rained the entire holiday!

It was quite the job, the deck was the entire length of the back of the house, and it was so wet the whole time.  And I couldn't help at all!  
 We did break to open gifts!

And then he started up again with the framing!  

And we took breaks to document my belly...

And then the fun started, putting baby things together.  Which posed to be very difficult.  The directions don't even help, its horrible!  We had a time!  

 The holidays were fun but we were exhausted.  When all was said and done, we had a half completed deck, a house full of boxes from gifts and baby things, and a need for sleep!  We had a month to go once the holidays were over, and we wanted to take advantage of that time the best we could.

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