Thursday, March 11, 2010

Honeycutt/Causey Wedding

So, as some of you may know I am getting married. I am going to start blogging the stages of the planning, and what has been going on since we were engaged last year. I still plan on sharing my finds and my ideas, but I want to also share all the details and hard work that has gone into the wedding!

April 2009! We got engaged! It was then I had to decide on what kind of wedding we wanted (notice I said I had to decide) and figure out the time of year, the look, the locations, etc. That is a daunting task. No one really knows for sure what they want on their wedding day. They may think they do but it always evolves and changes. I didn't know a thing that I wanted. I know for one, we wanted something casual, we thought outdoors would be great, and we wanted a big party. Start off by asking yourself, what is important to you and your fiance'. Is it going to be the flowers, will it be the cake, do you really want to get married in the morning where you can have a breakfast, or in the evening and watch the sunset as you arrive at the reception? These are such important questions, before you say I love this place, and this will have to do.

We talked about what we wanted. We both wanted the food to be amazing. I have been to weddings where I left hungry or the food ran out! I said that is NOT going to happen to us. We both love food, and love to entertain. We tend to entertain around the food, and our guests seem to love our dinner parties. So food, number one thing. Next, we said we want good music, good dancing music, a place that is big enough for dancing, and alot of mingling. I want a space that has an airy feel, and really makes people want to party. AMBIANCE! Super important for a wedding. Do you want low lights, candles, color, mood? Or do you want bright, light, white, crisp? Do you want a hollywood feel, a beachy casual feel, a rowdy barnyard feel? There are so many options. Think about you and your sweet, and it will start to come together!

Our next thing that was important, candles, sparklers! I just love both of them. Then we thought, someplace unique, old looking, rustic, casual, different. A BARN! I have never been to a wedding at a barn before. Then the rest started coming together. So we visited many places, old houses, plantations, ballrooms, and then the Pavilions at the Angus Barn. It was a classic location, and very well known. Once we got there, I started falling in love. Then something occurred that sealed the deal (and this may happen to you) we came across the band that was setting up for the wedding that evening. It was the same band that was playing the night we got engaged. It was fate, and we both knew it. Things like that may click, just let it flow and let it happen, sort of like you did for you relationship. Don't push yourself into a place that you think is the place all your friends would like. Think about the two of you, this will be the place you will always remember as your wedding day. Let it speak to you, literally, and your wedding day will be that more special.

Thats all for status...more to come! Stay tuned for the stages of the wedding day!

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