Monday, March 29, 2010

Honeycutt/Causey Wedding

Oh the planning!   So its time to select the dress!  Mom and I went shopping, and I decided to be a budget conscious bride, and went to Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield.  I really wanted to visit the boutiques, but with my taste, I thought I will pick the only Vera Wang or most expensive designer there is, and fall in love.  So I wanted to fall in love on a budget.  And I tried them on!  Mom and I grabbed all the dresses, that had something on the skirt that we could find.  I was selective, and would put some back and talk them out.  I took 10 dresses into the dressing room, and stood there looking, I thought which one should I try on first?  I saw one that I picked first off the rack and said I will start at the beginning.  Of course every one that I tried on, my mom was like thats great, love it, oh this is wonderful.  I too thought how do I choose!  I remember my first dress, and it had all the elements I wanted, and I tried it on again....and we decided it was it!  I decided I needed something pretty, comfy, and something lightweight, with some lace and some interesting elements, and then something with some style.   I wanted something different, but didn't look before we went looking.  I went in with very little in mind, and no predetermined ideas.  It was the best thing I could have done.  That way I didn't get my hopes up and I found something lovely!   LOVE MY DRESS!  

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