Friday, March 26, 2010

Its the perfect dress...

Every girl dreams of trying on "the dress" and knowing that its "the dress" when shopping for their wedding dress.  Sometimes you don't have that feeling or you may burst into tears.  But when you put that dress on, after all the alterations, after your hair is done, make up and have the jewelry and flowers in hand, its the perfect dress.  You have the perfect guy, waiting for you at the alter, and its going to be the perfect day no matter what, you are marrying the man who makes you smile....your sweets!  Oh I just think every girls looks lovely in their dress!  Pick one you feel comfortable in, one that makes your heart flutter, one that says this is me, through and through.  I know I did, and I love everything about it.  After the wedding I will share :)    Here are some amazing ones to share.  Happy Friday!   Had to put this one in....Longest dress ever!!!!

Love this pink dress, yes pink for a wedding.  Pink and silver are the up and coming colors for wedding dresses.  Its fresh and new, and different than white.  If you are NOT a white dress type of gal, here are two lovely and inspiring options!

I love the feathers!  Adding feathers somewhere in your wedding is a wonderful way to modern up your wedding.  Its so different and won't be seen again.  Whether be on your dress, in your hair, or in your bouquet, maybe for the bridesmaids.  Think outside the box! 

Think about the back of your dress, some of the time your guests will see the back as you make your vows.  This can be something many brides forget about but can be the most interesting portion of your dress!

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