Friday, March 12, 2010

Up do or down do, that is the question!?

I am loving these styles! I may have to show my bridesmaids!

I may have to show this one to my sister, she is my maid of honor, and I LOVE LOVE this hairstyle, minus the starfish, but a flower will do nicely! LOVE IT!

Birdcage veils are becoming very popular. They are classy, and retro, and a different way to wear a traditional veil. There are great places to get these, all bridal shops, and Etsy sites are great for these as well!!!

Should you wear your hair up, or down, what should you wear in your hair on your wedding day, should you have a veil, a flower, should it be long, short, so many questions!
Take a step back and figure out what you like. Do you always wear your hair down, do you like hair clips. Is your reception indoors, outdoors, is it in the fall, spring, winter. These are all questions you should ask yourself, and it will help you figure out what style of hair you should have. Check out some of these great styles! And I love the hair accessories. Flowers, feathers and netting is so in now, you may not need a veil. Or you could have a veil and add a flower for the reception. The options are endless, be beautiful, be bold, it will look great in the photos, and you will feel beautiful!

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