Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And a partridge in a peartree.....

I have come to realize that I like the 12 days of Christmas decor, and crafts!  A few years ago, I fell in love with Crate and Barrel's 12 days of Christmas ornaments.  Paper mache 
ornaments are painted with the 12 days of Christmas in a whimsical way.  There is also the set of 6 Nutcracker
paper mache ornaments that look very similar to the 12 days.  I fell in LOVE with them for some reason.  Every year they put them in their store, for 40 some bucks for the set.  I truly wanted them but knew that they would go on sale.  I decided then I would try to get them half price after Christmas.  I would go to C and B and I never saw them after the holidays.  Last year, I went practically the day after Christmas, a day I usually don't venture to the malls.  But I did for some reason, and I FOUND THEM!  Half priced, and the Nutcracker ornaments.  Due to this purchase, half priced, I have found that there are the 12 days of Christmas items all over!  I am going to share a few that I have found online, and in the stores.  I may have to grow my collection and make this my Christmas decor!
I really love these plates.  I found these online, and they would match my ornaments perfectly!  They are whimsical and fun!  I haven't found a site that doesn't have SOLD OUT on their site.  I will keep looking!
These you can find at Williams & Sonoma.
Lenox has a whole 12 days of Christmas line!  I love it!  Cute  cute!
Advent Calendars
If you want some decorations that are a little more cost effective, here is a great alternative! Wooden decorations 
Silver decorations

You can look at Ballard Designs for these ornaments.  Ornaments
But I keep seeing more Sold Out!  So keep checking ; )

Enjoy getting ramped up for Christmas.  This holiday try to think of something that makes it special, and decorate with themes, or colors.  Enjoy! ; ) 


  1. wow great finds! I absolutely love that collection of numbered plates

  2. THOSE PLATES are to DIE for.
    I WANT



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