Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New from Blue Chair!

So I have been working on a few things for Blue Chair.  Some I haven't finished for this post, and some I have.  I have started thinking, its going to be winter before too long, so the flowers need to be more geared towards the winter months, and the looks need to be a little more dramatic.  Holiday parties are coming, and its going to be here before we know it.  Here are a few things, some on Etsy, and some are gifts for Christmas.  Enjoy!
 I decided another necklace was in order.  This time black is the color.  I am working on another color, more to come!

 And now, a belt, yes a belt.  Its not leather, but its ribbon, lace, and other black material.  Its made to order, so right now, its an XXXXXXL and once someone purchases, I can get the dimensions so its custom. 

 My new black tweed flower, with black lace.  I made one for a dear friend of mine, and added an embellishment to the center.  But this one is a little different, little less formal. 
 Traditional burlap!  Its been a big hit lately...

 This was a custom order for a friend.  She wanted black velvet around the chandelier.  It turned out really unique.  I am working on another one similar. 
 Red burlap, another crowd favorite.  I have sold both burlap on Etsy. 
 Fall is in the air, and acorns are falling off the trees.  I used the hats from the acorns, and made my own little acorns out of fabric.  They made for a neat little extra I like to add to gifts. 
I have more, just you wait!
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