Friday, November 12, 2010

Our windows

Years ago, both my mother and myself found old windows.  I got mine from a flea market, for 5 bucks and she got hers from a friend who was renovating her old home.  We had NO idea what we would do with the windows, but we sure did want them!  So, they sat, and sat, and sat some more, got dusty and dirty.  Finally I was planning our wedding, and I thought, I would love to display some photos of us through the years since we had been together almost 7 years before we got married, our guests may enjoy seeing us grow up a little.  I found an idea online where they used an old window and displayed the menu for the evening on the clear panes.  I then thought, PHOTOS on each pane.  That would be great.  So we did, and it looked incredible! 
 My dad built some stands for the windows, so that they were similar to an actual picture frame instead of just something that leaned up against the wall.  I also had my bridal portraits and more larger blown up photos of B and I at the wedding.  We plan on using them in our home on the walls : ) 

 We also had something called a wish tree, where people at the wedding could write wishes to us instead of a guest book, and hang them on the trees.  We are working on a scrap book of wishes now. 
This is our temporary place until we settle in Florida, but it had a fabulous wood burning fireplace, with a mantle.  We didn't even have that at our townhouse in NC.  So I leaned the windows up against each side, and added some fall candles for the season.  
 I also have my little yo yo hand made pumpkin on the mantle, cheesey but cute : )

And when we have guests, they love to look at our photos, displayed in such a neat way.  Its not only unique but a great conversation piece.  I love those, I will have to share my coffee table soon ; ) 


  1. I LOVE THIS LOOK! So classy and WONDERFUL!

    Thanks for sharing, I'd love your input on my blog!!!

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I too love old windows but never got one b/c I had NO idea what I'd do with it. This is a GREAT idea!


  3. I love your windows! What a great idea to use one at your wedding! I recently redid an old window with rose prints from a vintage book:)


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