Monday, November 15, 2010

St. Augustine Surprise!

Lets just say, when my husband surprises me, he SURPRISES me!  He does it up right, and he is truly romantic, even thought he may not act like it.  This past weekend we ventured to St. Augustine Florida for the day this past Saturday.  I wanted to shop a little, see the sights, and just spend the day with my husband.  Its so close to Jacksonville, its literally half an hour!   So it didn't dawn on me that morning that something was up when B made pancakes and told me to pack a jacket and boots just in case it got cooler in the evening.  We had planned to come back and have dinner someplace in Jax, or at home.  Off to St. Augustine, fun antique and vintage stores, then lunch at a pub.  At lunch, B told me that we had a delima, at 12:45 in the afternoon I thought ok...??
He then told me that we had until 3:45 to be at the marina to take a 2 hour sunset cruise around St. Augustine, with wine.  I was floored! Then there were reservations at a local restaurant, even better!  He is such an amazing guy, and I just knew that the day would be even more fun with plans like these.  A sunset cruise!  How romantic!  No we aren't celebrating anything or any anniversaries, just because : )  So, I took a few photos from the ship, it was a beautiful 76' sailboat, one of the tall ships with 2 masts.  It was really a great evening.  And to top it off, dinner was wonderful!  Time with B is always special, but he gets me sometimes when I least expect it.  Thats only one reason that I love him :)  Enjoy the sunsets! 

My favorite guy ; )  Only married for 6 months, but together for 7.5 years total.  I love him!  And don't you just love our wind blown hair look  ; )


  1. Oh my, what a surprise! Your photos are breathtaking! I know y'all had a great time.

    (P.S., I LOVE that bracelet on the link you left on my blog. Too beautiful!)

  2. beautiful and warm photos!


  3. Hi. Linked from Ashley Sisk's blog. I have a family-based blog - Family Fountain - and look for pictures to illustrate stories and articles. I really like your sunset picture with the cross. Care if I use it and link back here with the credit? While I'm asking, do you allow pictures in general to be used if proper credit is given? You can check out Family Fountain to see if you'd like your pics used there (It is a Christian and family-friendly blog). Thanks, WB


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