Thursday, January 6, 2011

EmersonMade! please do not drool on your computer keys ; )

So, for over a year now, I have been secretly in love with EmersonMade!  I don't know how many of you know about it, but this gal is good.  She has a line of fabric flowers, pins, hair pins, clothing, and a slew of other beautiful items for your home and accessories.  I found her when looking for flowers for our wedding to place in my hair and the bridesmaids hair.  When I stumbled, I fell in love!!!  I hope you too can appreciate her work, and the uniqueness of the products.  And her name is Emerson!  Enjoy!!!
EmersonMade makes me smile! 
And now there is a contest to win a gift card to her shop!!  I am thrilled!  I can't believe there is a chance to own something from EmersonMade!!!  Here is the contest link, and the blog to share!
Slumber Designs
Completely in love with this floral neck piece!!!  ahhh makes me smile and happy!!! Love pretty things! 


  1. This is a gorgeous post!! The pictures you used are so EmersonMade! Thank you too for your sweet email... You put a LARGE smile on my face this morning. :-)

    Happy Friday Dear! And great, great job on this blog of yours!! xo

  2. Oh, and got ya down for those extra enteries!! ;-)


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