Monday, January 24, 2011

What can your silverware be used for besides eating??

Interesting question you ask CandaceAshley!  Yes, silverware is perfect for eating and cooking, I mean what else do you do with it?  You be creative that is what!  I have found that silverware is used alot in crafting!  Here are a few ideas I have found and some I have purchased as well.  I also would love to try a few things myself.  I know I have a list of projects, and this one can just be added to the pot.  Are there other ladies who have too much creativity and not enough time like myself??
I love this idea, using this for your garden or pots?!   I think this would also be a fun gift for a gardener ; )

Tatertots and JelloApparently she was thinking outside the box as well!  I think this is great that she found such amazing uses for silverware!
And check out her tutorial, I think I may use this idea for my own garden and gifts for friends! 
I love the idea of using silverware for jewelry.  I have a spoon ring, and I need some more!
Check out her blog as well, such a creative gal!
 And now something I have purchased for myself!!  A little boutique in Wake Forest, NC!

Loves....yes, I can't wait until spring to add little buds to these little vases, how creative is this!


  1. i LOVE the garden idea! i have to get my hand on a couple of those...isn't it fun to see what you can do with everyday things?

  2. great post! i love the garden markers and the vases are amazing!


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