Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The busiest month ever, May 2014

The winter was sort, but thats the way it is in Florida, short and sweet.  I was busy with work, trying to get one of the biggest projects I have worked on underway, a healthcare clinic.  For once I had a project that was high level!  I was busy with Etsy, since all I had been doing was crafts to keep my mind off of everything going on in our lives.  My marriage was strong, and we were happy.  I was even happy with my weight, which was something I spent the entire year of 2013 on due to PCOS.  Overall I really had things good, the only thing missing was the start of our family.  But, May was coming and that was when we were going to do another FET, end of the month.  I got a all end of March, the nurse said they had openings on May 9th, and she wanted to encourage me to take that day instead.  I was hesitant but I figured it was a sign I should say yes.

Hubby booked the annual cruise with the company, it was on our anniversary weekend, which would include his parents, brother and sister in law and their 18 month old son.  So here I was counting days till the FET, and realized that after May 9th, we would wait 2 weeks and find out yay or nay.  That would be about the time we would be going on the cruise.  So I could have a fabulous time with good news, or bleed the whole time on my period or miscarry along with an 18 month old by our sides.  Boy I couldn't wait!  Of course after our misfortunes we had had, I thought the worse, I didn't want to get my hopes up.  And it was our 4 year anniversary, so I guess I just had to keep moving and not think about it too much or it would consume me.

We started medication, this time, I added heparin shots every day since I had a clotting factor, and progesterone shots, which I taken before, but this time I was determined to take them the whole time, for a month, rather than switch over to the cream.  I was told that the shots were more effective.  I had a long spring ahead of me, well us!  Tons of shots, and medication.

This was a rose from our rose bush, one of 2 that we planted for our past miscarriages.  Oddly enough, both rose bushes bloomed the week of our FET, along with 1 purple Iris from hubby's grandmothers yard, and a white lily.  I really think it was too ironic, don't you think?  

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