Friday, May 29, 2015

The most beautiful sounds

We went a few weeks after our news, and had to wait to hear and see the baby.  I had a few scares, cramping sometimes, a little bit of spotting, and a lot of worry.  We were at week 6, and went in to see our doctor, the one that helped us get here.  We went in, and had the ultrasound, and immediately heard a heartbeat and saw the little bean moving inside.  It was a baby!  120 beats per minute, the most amazing sound we had ever heard.  It was strong, and on track.  There was the picture of the little one, small and beautiful.  Hubby and I teared up, we couldn't help it.  We had never been here before.  It was amazing.  I also knew we were only 6 weeks in, and we had a LONG way to go.  Anything could happen, but we were hopeful.  The funnies thing was the doctor said congrats its a girl!  HAHA, he then said he was right 50% of the time, wow he is a comedian.  We left there with a picture, tears of joy and an OBGYN's name to call.  We also were instructed to continue our meds, which at this point were beyond uncomfortable.  Sweetie had brought home some numbing spray to help my hind parts prior to the shots.  All in all, this was hard, everything was.  To keep quiet, to not worry, to continue medication, and to get through the next 34 weeks.  

I got home that night and went out to pick some flowers.  My hydrangea was purple/pink, not blue, and everything blooming was practically pink.  I guess that was my first sign, and I didn't know it ; )  Those flowers in my garden really knew a thing or two, I needed to trust them.  Little did I know....

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