Tuesday, April 21, 2015


After our little blow with a good friend dropping the bomb that she was pregnant, many others were posting on Facebook, and hubby and I were getting over things.  Work was going great, I just landed a huge job designing a medical clinic, and potentially would have 15 in the future to design.  So life was getting back to normal.  We decided after our little vacation in Lido (gulf coast) we would try again.  We wanted a family, and I thought that why not try again while we were fresh with what we had to do.  So we booked the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) for October 31st....not the best day in my opinion, but ok.  Beginning of October, we went to Lido.  

We bought beach cruisers, packed them in the pickup truck, and had a room on the beach facing the sunset every night.  We walked to dinner after drinks in the room, there were plenty of places in the circle to shop and eat.  It was so nice.  We took a kayak trip, we went to a museum, we watched movies, laid on the beach, road bikes, and picked up shells.  It was so nice, and relaxing, I didn't want to leave!!!  

All this trip we were starting the meds again though, to get my body ready for the FET.  To do so, you shut your ovaries down.  That way, you don't produce any eggs, since you are putting a fertilized egg inside to grow.  You prepare your uterus for the embryo as well.  Its a different amount of medication, but still there are shots, pills and creams.  We were hopeful, but we also didn't get too excited about the whole thing.  

October 31st rolled around, and back into the doc.  This time, you don't go under, you just are awake. It is what it is, there is pain, its not comfortable, but it is the way we have to go.   And then, we transferred, and so again, technically I was pregnant.  

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